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I migrated from South Africa to Australia and have been in Perth for a little over a year.  I am therefore aware of the stress and planning of migration and I also know that certain things do not...
I was recently reminded of the importance of having a valid and up to date Will. A colleague and I received instructions from the son of one of our clients, who had terminal cancer. The matter was urg...
You may have read some of our other recent blogs about how to sign your Will during COVID-19, when to review your Will, and the importance of having a valid Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Pow...
There is no single right or wrong, one-size-fits-all recommendation for everyone, but there are some useful questions you can ask yourself when thinking about who would be the right Executor for your ...
In a recent Supreme Court Decision, Kenneth Martin J made the remark that society as a whole simply do not appreciate the importance of having a valid, up to date Will. He stated that: “Wider public e...

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A Will is the only way for you to be certain that your Estate is passed to your loved ones after you die. It gives security to those who are close to you, to know that they will be taken care of. A Will allows you to appoint a person of your choice to be the Executor of your Estate. This Executor is tasked with administering your Estate in accordance with the terms of your Will.

What is an Informal Will?

Can I prepare my own Will or use a do-it-yourself Will kit?

Can my Will or my Estate be Contested?

Does a Will need a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration before assets of the deceased can be dealt with?

How do I ensure that my Will is valid?

How much does a Will cost?

If I get married or divorced does that affect my Will?

What can I include in my Will?

What does Estate Planning mean?

What happens if I die without a Will and I am in a de facto relationship?

What happens if I die without a Will and I am in a de facto same-sex relationship?

What happens if I don’t have a Will?

What is a beneficiary?

What is a Deed of Wishes?

What is a Will and why do I need one?

What is an Executor?

What is the position if there are two Executors and they don't agree to work together to obtain a Grant of Probate?

When should I review and my Will?

Where should I store my Will?

Who can make a will?

Who should be appointed as a Guardian to my minor children?