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Areas of Practice - Complex Family Law, Complex Property Issues, Finding Hidden Assets, Company Structures & Trusts

John, accompanied by his wife and two young boys, relocated to Perth to join Butlers in January 2017.

Before embarking on a career in law, John undertook an accountancy degree at Manchester University, something which stands him in good stead in assisting our clients with regard to property matters and Financial Agreements.  Following his degree, John studied the Graduate Diploma in Law at the University of the West of England before completing his Legal Practice course at Cardiff University.  After undertaking two years of in work training, John was admitted as a Solicitor of England and Wales in September 2010.

Whilst he has not yet been admitted as a Legal Practitioner in Western Australia, John brings with him specialist expertise is complex property matters arising out of divorce and/or separation.  He was highlighted as a star of the future in the UK directory of Chambers and Partners, and recommended in the UK Legal 500 as an expert in pursuing hidden assets – both publications are renowned for recognising expert solicitors in the UK.

As a member of Resolution, a UK based organisation that believes in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters, John is always keen to explore alternative methods of dispute resolution, whilst being confident to exploit his skillset through litigation where necessary.



Established in 1993 and located in Nedlands, Perth

Butlers is a Doyle's Recommended Australian law firm practising in the area of Family Law including Divorce, Financial Agreements, Complex & Simple Property Issues & Children's Issues.

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Binding Child Support Agreements 

A Binding Child Support Agreement allows Parents to make an agreement about child support payments after the breakdown of a relationship.You must get legal advice from a registered legal professional before you make a Binding Child Support Agreement. This is so you know what you’re responsible for in the agreement before it is made.  Butlers Lawyers can help you negotiate an agreement with the other parent.  We then provide a legal certificate which is attached to the agreement and will lodge this in draft form so that the Department of Human Services can be satisfied that it enforces the legal requirements, meets the needs of both parents and most importantly, can administer any clauses if the parents’ circumstances change.

The Department of Human Services won’t accept your agreement without a valid legal certificate.

If you want a lump sum agreement, you must get a child support assessment; You don’t need a child support assessment to make any other type of binding agreement.

Lump sum payments.

Lump sum payment can be:

  1. cash, or

  2. the value of a transferred asset

The amount must be equal to or greater than the annual child support rate. This is then credited against your child support rate each year until the credit runs out. Once the lump sum has been used up, the paying parent will need to pay their regular child support payments in line with the child support assessment or agreement.

For assistance in preparing a Binding Financial Agreement, please contact our Legal Team.


Established in 1993 and located in Nedlands, Perth

Butlers is a Doyle's Recommended Australian law firm practising in the area of Wills, Inheritance Claims, Probate, Letters of Administration, Guardianship, SAT, Business Estate Planning, Trusts and all aspects of Estate Planning.

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Spousal Maintenance

After marriage and separation, either party may be entitled to seek ongoing financial support from their spouse. "Spousal Maintenance", as it is referred to, is a payment or other type of benefit received by the party in need of support from the other party.  The other party must have a capacity to provide support. This is separate from, but related to, property settlement.

As a result of recent legislative changes in Western Australia, these rights are now extended to parties in a defacto relationship including same sex couples.

Butlers can advise on your ability to claim for spousal maintenance as well as advise those who are being pursued for spousal maintenance. Proceedings can be commenced to seek and enforce spousal maintenance orders.

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