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Risk can come in different forms in Parenting matters. The risk of drug abuse appears to be more prevalent than before, leaving people with issues in both Family Law and Criminal Law....
  A relationship breakdown is one of the most traumatic things you’ll ever have to deal with in your life. Life as you know it is tossed completely upside down, and not only do you have to grieve...
Deadline - Did you know that the Family Court have a deadline for Orders regarding children’s living arrangements for Christmas? For most every family, Christmas is a happy but also stressful time. Wh...

Questions about Spousal Maintenance?

At Butlers, we understand the challenges our clients face. Spousal Maintenance can often be a confusing process for any separated parties. Early advice is essential as time limits apply.

Can someone still receive spousal maintenance if they start a new relationship?

Do I have to pay/can I receive spousal maintenance?

Is there a time limit for applications for spouse maintenance?

What are the two types of Spousal maintenance applications that The Family Court can deal with?

What does a court consider when making a decision on Spousal Maintenance?

What is Spousal Maintenance?