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The Mother Always Gets The Children First and foremost, parents do not have “rights” in relation to their children.  Parents have responsibilities.  The law presumes that parents have equal ...
Do pets form part of the asset pool? Frequently we refer to pets as our ‘fur babies’ and we treat them as our children and part of our family, but you may wonder what happens in the event of separatio...
The world we live in is fragile and subject to unforeseen and unfortunate events. It is a reoccurring nightmare of mine to think about what might happen if, for whatever reason, my daughter was no lon...

What are my options after separation?

In Western Australia, several property settlement options are available to couples who have separated after a marriage or de facto relationship. They fall into two basic categories: by consent and contested. In some cases, couples could use two or more of the available procedures. Whether you need simple one off advice, or assistance through complex legal cases, we offer personal, professional service to help you through this time.

Can my partner and I just discuss our issues and receive help drawing up what we decide?

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How can Mediation help me resolve my Family Law matter?

What are Lawyer based negotiations?

What is Collaborative Law?

Are there any time limits involved in settling financial issues?

Do I need a family lawyer for my separation or divorce?

How can I resolve my family law issues? What are the two main categories of property settlement available to me after separation?

How long will it take to achieve a settlement?

What is Litigation in Family Law?

What is the difference between a contested matter and a matter resolved by consent in the state of Western Australia?

Which settlement option is best for me?