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Frequently asked questions with Children's Issues in Family Law?

Sometimes when parents separate, they need the asisstance of the Court when they are unable reach an agreement in regards to the parenting of their children. In making decisions regarding parenting disputes, the Family Law Act requires a Court to regard the ‘best interests' of the child as the most important consideration. Parents must also use this principle when making parenting plans. When you first meet your lawyer, you will be given information on what consistutes "the best interests of the child" in the eyes of the law. Whether you need simple one off advice, or assistance through complex legal cases, we offer personal, professional service to help you through this time.

Do I need the consent of the birth parent to adopt a child in Western Australia?

What does it mean for me to adopt a child?

What is the process involved in obtaining an Adoption Order from the Family Court?

How do I get a Recovery Order?

I am a grandparent, am I able to apply for a Recovery Order?

I have no idea where the children are, what can I do?

How much will child support in Western Australia cost?

I do not agree with the assessment that the Child Support Agency has provided, what can I do?

I have been contacted by the Child Support Agency about paying child support, what happens if I do not pay it?

We have an agreement for our child support, are we able to we record this?

What if we agree on a lump sum payment being made for child support in our Child Support Agreement?

What is a Binding Child Support Agreement?

I just want to spend time with my grandchildren, but my son or daughter won’t let me, what can I do?

There are proceedings in the Children’s Court regarding my grandchildren, am I able to make an Application to the Family Court for Orders for my grandchildren to live with me?

What does the Family Court look at if I make an Application for time with my grandchildren as a grandparent?

What happens if I contact the Department of Child Protection and Family Support regarding my concerns for my grandchildren?

I think my former partner/the other parent is going to move overseas with the children without my knowledge, what can I do?

What if I do not let my former partner/the other parent know and I move with the children?

What if it is difficult to contact the other parent because they are not involved in the children’s lives, do I still need their consent?

How do I protect my children if I need to go to Family Court?

We agree about the parenting arrangements for our children, how do we record this?

What can I expect if I need to go to Family Court about my children?

What happens if I cannot reach an agreement with my former partner/the other parent about parenting arrangements?

What time will be determined by the Family Court for me to be with my children?

In Western Australia, who decides if the children live with me or my former spouse?

What are the main Court Appearances involved in Parenting matters?

What are the typical 6 steps involved in resolving parenting disputes?

What is a Court Order?

What is a Parenting Order?

What is Family Dispute Resolution (mediation)?