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Your most common questions about Restraining Orders answered.

At Butlers, we understand the challenges our clients face. Family Violence Restraining Orders (“FVRO”) or Violence Restraining Orders (“VRO”) are an Order made by the Court to protect an Applicant from someone who commits family violence or personal violence against them, by placing restrictions on the Respondent. If you have been served with a Restraining Order, or require assistance in applying for a Restraining Order, do not delay and contact us for assistance.

What is a Restraining Order?

What are the two main types of Restraining Orders available to me?

What can be viewed as Domestic Violence?

What is financial abuse?

What restrictions will be placed upon the Respondent if a Restraining Order is granted?

What is the process for applying for a Restraining Order?

How quickly can I make an Application for an FVRO and where do I make it?

Will I be asked questions by my former partner at a hearing?

Can VRO's be abused in the Family Court process?

What are the alternatives to a Final Order?

I've been served with a Restraining Order - what do I do?

Breaching a VRO - what can I do?

What is a Conduct Agreement?

What is a Police Order?