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Disposition of Digital Assets In Our Technological Age

As we become more digitally dependant, we also become more reliant on technology. We now live in a digital age, and with this, we have seen an increase in people holding assets referred to as ‘digital assets’. Digital assets are defined as files stored and held electronically, which exist as data and which have value.

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Almost Perfect Film Script - Giving away your assets before you die

In the recent case of Shephard v Galea & Byrne as Executors and Trustees of the Estate of the late Joseph Galea [2019] WASC 164, the Honourable Justice Kenneth Martin described the life of the deceased as an “almost perfect film script”.

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Making a cheater pay... is it worth it?

It’s an unfortunate reality that cheating is a common reason for couples separating today. If cheating doesn’t immediately result in the end of a relationship, it often causes significant distrust which eventually leads to the breakdown of the relationship.

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It’s always 50/50 right? Wrong - Common Misconceptions Part 4

One widely held misconception in family law is that, more or less, all of the assets and liabilities of a relationship will be divided 50/50. Many new clients come to us with the first line “I know that the starting point is a 50/50 split but…” This is not the case.

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