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Child Protection and Avenues for Intervention

The world we live in is fragile and subject to unforeseen and unfortunate events. It is a reoccurring nightmare of mine to think about what might happen if, for whatever reason, my daughter was no longer safe or no longer had appropriate care. This nightmare extends to include all children in my life, including my nieces and nephews, my friends’ children, and even one day, my grandchildren.

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LGBTI Domestic Violence Awareness Day - #ImHereForYou

LGBTI Domestic Violence Awareness Day - #ImHereForYou

Today is Australia's first LGBTI Domestic Violence Awareness Day.

This day has been established, with the support of the Prime Minister, to acknowledge those within LGBTIQ+ communities who have been victims of domestic violence.

According to recent studies, up to 62% of LGBTIQ+ people have experienced domestic violence in their relationships. However, the instances of violence being reported to the police are still incredibly low. 

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Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, Madness… and MISCONCEPTIONS!

(Spoiler Alert – Proceed with Caution!)

Tiger King is the must-watch Netflix crime documentary of the year. However, it’s characters and content have caused much controversy with its exploration of Big Cat breeding, and the mayhem arising from the eccentric characters of its inner circles.

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COVIDSafe – Are you?

In the first 24 hours of its launch, the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe Application was downloaded by more than 2 million users. 
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Reconciliation and what it means in Family Law - Part 3


Following the first 2 Parts of our Reconciliation Series, this blog now explores the impact of reconciliation and divorce. 
Firstly and most importantly, where parties were married for less than 2 years, section 44(1B) of the Family Law Act requires them to “have considered a reconciliation” with the assistance of a specified person or organisation prior to applying for a divorce.
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Reconciliation and what it means in Family Law - Part 2


Hopefully you have read Part 1 of our Reconciliation Series, which explains the court’s obligation to consider the possibility of parties reconciling.  If the court considers that there is a reasonable possibility, it may adjourn the proceedings so that the parties may explore this. 
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Reconciliation and what it means in Family Law - Part 1

Thanks to the current social-distancing regulations, many of us find ourselves spending most, if not all, of our time alone. 

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Part 3: Property proceedings during the COVID-19 pandemic

Now, let’s get straight to the point….. There is no need to explain the potential impact of COVID-19 on the economy. It has already been seen around the world with a significant impact on share prices, property values, superannuation and employment. This will have an impact on Family Law Property proceedings. 

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Part 1: Court Proceedings during the COVID-19 pandemic


Part 1: Court Proceedings during the COVID-19 pandemic

There is no question that we are now in uncharted waters.

The world has not seen an influenza pandemic of this nature since Swine Flu and HIV/AIDS. These are classified as pandemics despite the seeming lack of panic at the time. The Family Court of Western Australia was established by the Family Law Act in 1975 and commenced operation in 1976. Since that time, the Court has not had to deal with anything on this global scale before.

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Miley & Liam - Financial Agreement

One year on from their wedding and Miley and Liam’s divorce is already considered old news, with the dust having settled following their separation in 2019. Despite their relationship lasting 10 years (not counting those hiccup “off” periods), the internet remained fairly silent about any division of their assets.

With their legal separation so widely reported upon, and their combined net worth being estimated at about $186 million dollars (Liam’s being about $26 million and Miley’s about $160 million), you would be forgiven for wondering why the juicy details about the separation of their assets has remained largely out of the tabloids. Not only are they both worth a significant amount, their assets could be spread across numerous countries. They also shared 9 dogs, 3 cats and a pig!

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Protecting your present while securing your future

Canadian entrepreneur Gerald Cotton died in December 2018. With him died the ability to access $145 million worth of bitcoin. Cotton’s widow, Jennifer Robertson, says in her affidavit "I do not know the password or recovery key. Despite repeated and diligent searches, I have not been able to find them written down anywhere”. While $145 million may be slightly more than the average asset misplaced when administering an estate, it is not uncommon for executors to struggle to find information regarding a deceased’s assets. Especially for those who take security seriously.
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The deadline for applying for Children's living arrangements over Xmas is fast approaching!

For almost every family, Christmas is a happy but stressful time. Whether it is ensuring there are no gift double-ups, Santa’s true identity remains undiscovered, or that there are no pistachios in the salad as Aunty Laura’s allergic, chaos is an expected part of the end of the year.

When mum and dad are no longer together the co-ordination and logistics become even more challenging. And that’s when they are getting along!

When parents are embroiled in a Family Court dispute, how children spend their Christmas, New Year’s Eve and the lengthy summer school holidays often become issues which cannot be resolved by discussion alone.

Because so many estranged couples seek the assistance of the Court to determine how their children will celebrate the holidays and spend their school break, the Court has strict rules regarding such applications. This year, all applications seeking orders regarding children’s living arrangements for the 2018/2019 Christmas school holiday period must be filed before 4pm on Friday 9 November 2018.

However, with the current backlog at the Family Court, it is recommended that you file your application well in advance of any proposed holiday or additional time with the children. Once your application is filed, it may be 6 weeks (or more) before a Court Hearing is listed. Accordingly, any urgent applications should specifically state the urgency in a detailed, yet concise, covering letter. 

The Family Law Team at Butlers are experienced in preparing and filing such applications and are ready to help. Don’t leave it too late, contact us now!


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