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Ideas to entertain your children during lockdown


For many of us, spending prolonged days isolated at home with our children is not the norm. With majority of entertainment venues closed and with strict social distancing rules, you may be finding that your beloved children are driving you a little insane. 

Here is a list of ideas to keep them entertained…and for you to keep your sanity:
  1. Go camping in your backyard. Pitch a tent, roll out the sleeping bags and roast some marshmallows.
  2. Bake or cook something together. Never too early to teach your children how to make dinner. 
  3. Play board games. Get them to step away from the electronics and play some UNO, Pictionary or Monopoly, if you dare. 
  4. Build a pillow and blanket fort. There is no better setting to read night-time stories.
  5. Do an at home workout together. After all the chocolate they would have consumed over Easter, help them to get up and moving. 
  6. Facetime family and friends. Keep your children connected with their loved ones. 
  7. Do some arts and crafts together. Buy some water paints and let the children go crazy on the back patio.
  8. Watch a movie together. No better excuse to consume copious amounts of popcorn than a movie night. 
  9. After dinner, table-clearing and washing up has been done, have a “no TV night”, and have a family game of chirades.  This is the best fun, especially if there are several age groups, and little ones love to see their parents acting out movie and book titles.  This game, by its very nature, allows children to see what their parents remember and value, and vice-versa.
  10. Another great after-dinner activity for the whole family is to put a list of fun speech topics onto little pieces of paper into a bag or box.  Each person draws out a topic, keeping it secret until it’s their turn (always let youngest go first, leading up to the oldest person).  Each person has to make a speech about their topic.  30 seconds for youngest ones, increasing to one minute for parents.  Make topics very simple, eg if you have pets, make topics “Cats”, “Dogs” and if children play sports, make that a topic too.  Speaker has to stand in front of the “audience”, and all receive huge applause at the end of their speech.  The timekeeper has something to indicate when time is up.  When you get sophisticated with this, at the end you could have a “debrief” of speeches.  Say what you liked about each speech (NO NEGATIVES ALLOWED!)  This is an extremely valuable and educational game ?.  Ask the rest of the family to then submit topics for the next speaking game.  They’ll then begin to want to choose their own topics, which is fantastic!
  11. Create a scavenger hunt in the backyard or inside. Better yet, if your children are older, make them create a scavenger hunt for each other.
  12. Have some fun outside in the backyard. Play a game of four square, teach them to skip or work on their sporting skills. 
While we cannot wait for the pandemic to pass and for the lockdown to end, appreciate the time you have with your family. You may never be home with your children as much as you are now. Stay home, be together, learn, exercise, cook and play, and appreciate these moments. 


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Thursday, 11 August 2022