Covid-19 Updates & News

21 March 2020
Butlers Blog
Covid-19 Updates & the Law
COVID-19Part 1: Court Proceedings during the COVID-19 pandemicThere is no question that we are now in uncharted waters.The world has not seen an influenza pandemic of this nature since Swine Flu and H...
01 April 2020
Butlers Blog
Covid-19 Updates & the Law
These are unprecedented times.  We are witnessing and possibly experiencing widespread job loss and isolation.  As people do their best to cope with the changes around them, this has been ac...
22 April 2020
Butlers Blog
Covid-19 Updates & the Law
For many of us, spending prolonged days isolated at home with our children is not the norm. With majority of entertainment venues closed and with strict social distancing rules, you may be finding tha...

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