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01 April 2020
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Covid-19 Updates & the Law
These are unprecedented times.  We are witnessing and possibly experiencing widespread job loss and isolation.  As people do their best to cope with the changes around them, this has been ac...
07 April 2020
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Covid-19 Updates & the Law
It is encouraging to see young people taking the initiative to ensure that they have up-to-date Wills during the uncertainty we’re facing caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic.  However, it would be ev...
24 March 2020
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Covid-19 Updates & the Law
COVID 19 is causing uncertainty in so many areas.  One question we are being asked, is “How it will affect existing Parenting Orders or Parenting Plans?”.  The answer to this will vary, depe...

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A Post Pandemic Legal System


As a result of COVID-19 and the strict social distancing laws, the Courts have had to change and modernise many of their procedures.

Some of the changes the Courts have made include:

  1. Electronic filing of some Court Documents;
  2. Posting originals of Documents for filing;
  3. Hearings being conducted over the telephone or by video;
  4. Allowing Documents to be served via email; and
  5. Enabling Restraining Order Applications to be lodged online.

With technology being relied upon more throughout this pandemic, as people limit their face to face contact, it seems unlikely that the Court system will return to a paper-based system, once the restrictions are lifted.

This changes were well overdue and will hopefully result in a stronger, more modern legal system, post the pandemic.

In the future, we may see more Hearings conducted by video link and telephone and evidence being provided through email or projection, with the need for hard copy documents being significantly reduced.

It is not only the Courts which have had to adapt and improve.  Legal practitioners have also had to change their practices.

Some of these changes include:

  1. Attending Mediation Conferences through video or web conferencing;
  2. Witnessing the signing of documents through video conference; and
  3. Conducting initial consultations through telephone or video conference, which will continue to be beneficial to people in regional areas.

These changes have allowed many practitioners to work from home and to provide the service sought by their clients.  The pandemic may have paved the way for a more flexible work environment for lawyers, with the possibility of working from home now a reality.

The pandemic has led to a shift in the legal system, with the Courts recognising that many of their methods were outdated.  It has increased trust in the use of technology in Courtrooms and led to the realisation that the Court is able to deliver more efficient service to those involved in Court proceedings.

There are cases where the Court has had to delay a hearing, as it was not possible to conduct some Trials with cross-examination through video conference.  However, once the pandemic restrictions are lifted, it will be interesting to see how the Court system works to reduce the backlog and continue the shift towards a modern legal system.


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