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07 April 2020
Butlers Blog
Covid-19 Updates & the Law
The Coronavirus has sparked an increased fear of dying.  Over the past few weeks we have been flooded with instructions to draft and to update Wills.  ...
25 March 2020
Butlers Blog
Covid-19 Updates & the Law
Now, let’s get straight to the point….. There is no need to explain the potential impact of COVID-19 on the economy. It has already been seen around the world with a significant impact on share prices...
07 April 2020
Butlers Blog
Covid-19 Updates & the Law
It is encouraging to see young people taking the initiative to ensure that they have up-to-date Wills during the uncertainty we’re facing caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic.  However, it would be ev...



As a firm specialising in family law and wills and estate matters, we see the impact that separation, death and family disputes have on people of all walks of life, every day. There is a known link between serious life events such as these, having a substantial impact on personal wellbeing, often for prolonged periods of time.

These issues permeate our society and today, we would like to remind our clients and our wider network that it is okay to talk, and there are always avenues and people who are willing and able to help you.

Separation from your partner, disputes about your children or the death of a loved one, undoubtedly have a drastic effect on your life and can leave you feeling lost and confused. Not only do you have to navigate the practical difficulties of sharing care for your children, potentially selling your family home and maintaining your financial security, but you also have to find time to take care of yourself. Thankfully, the effects that family issues have on a person’s mental health are now well-recognised, and there are many professionals able to assist you with coping skills and strategies.

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Having assisted so many people with the practical difficulties that arise during and after separation, we recognise the importance of our clients receiving assistance beyond that which we can provide, and accordingly, we are always able to provide you with the names of trusted professionals who can assist you.

While we have witnessed many people struggle during family disputes, we are also thankful to have seen so many come out the other end happy, healthy and excited about the future.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

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