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Deadline looming - Orders regarding children’s living arrangements for Christmas!

Deadline looming - Orders regarding children’s living arrangements for Christmas!

Deadline - Did you know that the Family Court have a deadline for Orders regarding children’s living arrangements for Christmas?

For most every family, Christmas is a happy but also stressful time. Whether it is ensuring there are no gift double-ups, Santa’s true identity remains undiscovered, or that there are no pistachios in the salad as Aunty Laura’s allergic, chaos is a part and parcel of the end of the year.

When mum and dad are no longer together the co-ordination and logistics are even more challenging. And that’s when they are getting along.

When parents are embroiled in a Family Court dispute Christmas, New Year’s Eve and that lengthy summer school holiday period are often an issue which cannot be resolved by discussion alone.

Because so many estranged couples seek the assistance of the Court to determine how their children will celebrate the holidays and spend their school break the Court has strict rules regarding such applications. This year all applications seeking orders regarding children’s living arrangements for the 2017/2018 Christmas school holiday period must be filed before 4pm on Friday 10 November 2017.

The Family Law Team at Butlers are experienced in preparing and filing such applications and ready to help. Don’t leave it too late, contact us now!

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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

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