Covid-19 Updates & News

22 April 2020
Butlers Blog
Covid-19 Updates & the Law
For many of us, spending prolonged days isolated at home with our children is not the norm. With majority of entertainment venues closed and with strict social distancing rules, you may be finding tha...
07 April 2020
Butlers Blog
Covid-19 Updates & the Law
The Coronavirus has sparked an increased fear of dying.  Over the past few weeks we have been flooded with instructions to draft and to update Wills.  ...
25 March 2020
Butlers Blog
Covid-19 Updates & the Law
Now, let’s get straight to the point….. There is no need to explain the potential impact of COVID-19 on the economy. It has already been seen around the world with a significant impact on share prices...

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As part of our commitment to making the law more accessible, the following information handouts are available for you to download, free of charge and free of obligation.

Which is the best structure for my business - Sole Trader?  Partnership?  Company?  Trust?
A Business Succession Plan can ensure the continuation of your business if death, disability or retirements occur. 
Succession Planning is especially important for family businesses.  A business which has anticipated and planned for challenges is often better able to deal successfully with difficult times than those which have not.
Did you know that a Discretionary Trust can assist you with asset protection and tax minimisation?
When does the property of one partner become partnership property?
What considerations should be made before entering into a business Partnership?